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Our breakfasts

When the Sun rises our kitchen is already active.

Every day Matteo prepares different kind of cakes like pies, pancakes, muffins ecc. He also bakes very special homemade bread using sourdough and organic flours. Delicious jams made of our fruit, the fruit cups with cream and then extracts, juices and smoothies are waiting for you to start your day in a tasty but also healthy and genuine way.

The well-being of our guests is our priority that's why we don't use butter, cream or milk, but only vegetable milk, olive oil from our olive trees, and very little sugar . We use just lemon and orange peels and and almonds as flavours. The eggs we use are only from our free-range hens, that will accompany your moments of relaxation clucking here and there.

We serve your breakfast in the rustic space, "the heart of the house", it has an old stove and a loft, which used to be a barn-now it is transformed into a lounge and a library.